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BES Book Fundraiser!

¡At Boise Elementary Spanish, los libros nos hacen volar!

Libros are an essential resource in a second language classroom! Reading helps students to better connect with the material and gain new vocabulary by combining visual and auditory learning. Books inspire us to explore new worlds and incorporating books into our curriculum provides our teachers and Educational Development Team with endless opportunities to create lesson plans based around these amazing books! To help us create this fundraiser, we have been fortunate enough to partner with Kelly at Barefoot Books, an organization that shares our enthusiasm for bringing more books into the classroom!

Your generous donation to this fundraiser will help Boise Elementary Spanish to:

  • -Start the first ever Boise Elementary Spanish, Club de Libros (book club)
  • -Incorporate books into our immersion class curriculum every month! 

    There are 3 easy ways to help us reach our goal!

    1. Donate books directly to BES from our Barefoot Books wish-list.

    2. Make a cash donation to be used towards the purchase of Barefoot Books.

    3. Purchase books for your family using the BES Book Fair page

    Click HERE to donate books!

    “A book is gift you can open again and again” - Garrison Keillor

    Muchas gracias for your support of Boise Elementary Spanish! We could not do it without you!