Boise Elementary Spanish
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Through our diverse program offerings, our goal is to provide affordable Spanish language instruction and to broaden students' perceptions of the world through culture and language study. Knowledge of Spanish as a second language is an asset that richly benefits an individual in the workforce and in the social world and we feel it is immensely beneficial to begin the process of multi-language acquisition at a young age.  

Boise Elementary Spanish receives no funding from the Boise School District. 

Immersion Classes

Boise Elementary Spanish provides classes to students in kindergarten through sixth grade students at various schools throughout the Boise School District. Classes are divided based on student’s age and Spanish ability level, in order to ensure that they are receiving language instruction properly tailored to their needs. 

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Special Programs

Boise Elementary Spanish is so excited to host our first Spanish Immersion Summer Day-Camp! Hosted entirely in Spanish, the camps feature numerous activities to help children build and enhance their Spanish vocabulary and knowledge of Hispanic culture, in a fun and engaging way! 

We will be offering camps during the first two weeks of August 2017. Click here to learn more.